The following individuals have graciously shared their Zero Carb journey with me. They have all been following a Zero Carb diet for a minimum of one year, most for much longer. Please click on their names to read their interviews.

Kelly Williams Hogan

Rose Nunez Smith

Charles Washington

Samantha Taylor

Michael Frieze

The Andersen Family

Debra Caldwell

Ana Teixeira

Christine Scholtes

Kevin Fenderson

Matt Shepherd

Daniel Fredenthal

Sebastien Fortier

Liz Spencer

Werner Kujnisch

Keidren Devas

Amy Menke 

Stephanie Stride 

Lex Rooker

Dr. Paul Mabry, M.D. 

Susanne Lucic

Reanna Percifield

Reanna Percifield – 5 Years Carnivore

Amber O’Hearn

Heather Crimson 

James Cordes

Rustik Johnson

Elaine Anderson 

Chris Cogswell

Doug Wright

Yuri Morgunov 

Malaena Medford

Jeremy Bryant

Sergey Yakunin

Charlie Lyon


Terese Covey

Raymond Nazon

33 thoughts on “Interviews

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  14. I have read all of your interviews more than once Esmee and am a member of 3 of your FB groups, I absolutely love hearing how people do on ZC and I especially love the before and after pics. Such a shame the Anderson family had to delete their photo’s as they were AMAZING when I got a glimpse of them once.


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    • Almost all zero carbers eat regular meat from the supermarket because that is all they can afford. They are still experiencing very good results. If you have the money to buy higher quality meat, then by all means do so.


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  19. I am interested in finding out how many of you regulate your protein intake in comparison to your fats… I’ve read, the fats should make up much more of your caloric intake but if you’re eating a piece of fatty red meat (rib eye steak) it has a lot of protein too. How do you balance this out if even necessary-not sure.


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  25. Does anybody have experience of a long term autoimmune disease like ankylosing spondylitis? How far did your symptoms progress and did they reverse on a meat based diet?

    Thank you for sharing your stories.


    • Solomon – I would encourage you to join the “Carnivore for Autoimmune” group on Facebook and ask your questions there. Some people seem to benefit a lot, while others not so much. The only way to know if it will help you is to try it for a good 6 months.


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